about this site

Hanson Hotline is an online file of the messages left by the band Hanson for the fans on their personal answering machine in the 90's along with other memories from the past 20-something years we've been supporting the band!

It's been online for about 20 years - maybe more? Except, you might remember me as Hanson.com.br.

I just love creating - websites most of all - and Hanson is one of my favorite themes. It is the community I have been involved with for most of my life and I feel very possessive of my domains... something to tell my therapist.

So, I used to do the whole news and updates thing but I think the official site does it pretty well PLUS I am neither getting paid not recognized, so I chose to keep HansonHotline as a collection of my favorite memories.

I am always around on twitter and instagram. Just follow me @hansonhotline

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Hanson.net is Hanson's official site and home of the fan club. As a member, you get access to exclusive content and also stay in touch with your friends and the community through the forums. It is a very engaging site - we even get to collect pins (which doesn't sound THAT exciting, but, for some reason, it is)!