How much do you remember?.

As 90’s kids we were all overly cool. We had our land phones, our VCR copies of “Tulsa Tokio and the middle of Nowhere” and we had some very reliable sources of information like this one:

HansonHotel was always a bit more serious, but I think everyone’s favorite was the HansonHouse. Gossip-girl had NOTHING on Hillary.


HansonHouse  would literally get information from all over the world. They knew EVERYTHING. ALWAYS…

Told ya.

Unfortunately, it stopped being updated in 2003 but guess what? You can still visit it!

May I actually make a side note here (don’t I always?): I have had a hanson website since day 1 as well. Before I bought Hanson.com.br in 2001, I actually owed a different site.


I kid you not!

It was inspired by the lyrics of “Man from Milwaukee” and maybe I shouldn’t refresh your memories on that one.
So, we won’t be seeing screen captures of that one, kay? It’s just not really the topic here…

The domain was mine along with my friend Lee Foster, from Vancouver,  who I absolutely lost track of!

So, Lee, if you see this, I would love to catch up! =)

(Look… it’s my first-ever 2-frame animation! I was SO excited about this!)

So, back in the day I used to make layouts for Hanson fans. And they were terrible. But sweet Mariana from HITZ diary liked them!

Hello, Argentina!

The real masterpiece was a job for Monica.

But the important thing is… where did these girls go?

Say HI if you stop by, guys!!!

I’ll be here =)

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