Hanson’s 2002 NYC apartment decor review

This might make half of you fall asleep… but I suppose someone else besides me must also pay a considerable amount of attention to the spaces around Hanson (and actually also to the layouts and choices of colors at their concerts!). I particularly like what they’ve done with their new studio and, most of the time, I agree with their choices of color.

Not always, though…

If you are into this, I actually have a whole blog about decor reviews from houses from TV and movies. It’s called .

Let’s visit their old NYC apartment for now:


In 2004, Isaac and Zac where at an episode of MTV Cribs where they showed us their bachelor apartment in New York. You can watch it here:

Welcome, guys!


Here’s what their living room looked like:


Notice that both classic carpets follow the same color pattern. They match perfectly!

The glass table on the corner (last picture) seems a bit off to me , though. I am all for mixing styles – because it’s just terrible to be trapped in one time period and not be able to add anything random to your house – but I couldn’t really see the balance in the whole area around the fireplace…

In fact, I was having trouble visualizing a few things, so I made a *little* drawing:

Some of it is speculation and Isaac’s bathroom was just so big I got exhausted and I’ll finish it later! But you get the idea!

They did a good job with the living room, though! They have used a very classic and warm color pattern that consists mainly in unsaturated dark red, blue and brown with some pastel green highlights.



Speaking of perfect. Can we please sit down and talk about this freaking dining table? “This is an 18th century french dining table” – Zac says on the video. And I can absolutely have my own for something like 100 thousand dollars! *yay*

It’s sh*t like this that make me realize I should have picked a career that would have made me a millionaire… but oh well, I am sure Ikea is gonna come up with something just as jaw-dropping at anytime now.


I actually absolutely agree with the choice for the chairs (which is rare for me ’cause I am trained to disagree) … if you are going for matching chairs. I like having different chairs around a table ’cause it gives you the opportunity to pick, not just 1, but 8 different chairs! Oh, how fun! But I guess this whole “mixing chair patterns” thing wasn’t a thing in 2004… and it’s also more of a “regular people” thing than a celebrity thing.

Moving on to Isaac’s rom…

Isaac played safe with the colors in the bedroom. Very monochromatic, very easy. Which is fine. And I like many things about this room, specially how soft the furniture feels.

Another important and personal thing for me – and this was very surprising – is that Isaac has managed cover my whole personal check list for this room. Observe:

Cozy chaise by the window.

A web-space with a desk inside the room.

A big TV (well, 2004 big anyway).

A great view of NY where you can actually observe life and beautiful buildings and NOT just trees. (Told you the list was personal. I love a good city view, PERSONALLY.)

And then Isaac led us to his master bathroom.

It does feel pretty warm and welcoming (and you want a welcoming bathroom, I suppose). It’s definitely relief from the classic white on white people seem to be in love with when it comes to bathrooms but… it might be a bit too dark for me. Isaac seems to love it, though!

Isaac’s closet is super cute and organized. Not much to it really… but there IS a secret door that leads somewhere inside the closet! Very intriguing.

After visiting Isaac’s room, the guys lead us to the kitchen.

Yeah, so, the kitchen came straight out of Amélie Poulain’s apartment, I think… since they ARE so big on vintage french. I mean, clearly:

Next proof we have that the guys had watched Amélie very recently when they decorated that apartment is Zac’s room.

I rest my case.

I do think that Zac’s room is a rip-off! I mean, you spend millions of dollars on an apartment in New York city and your room doesn’t have a window? The kitchen has a window… they should’ve moved that around. To say the least.

Taylor is in love with the way the light comes from the top in Zac’s room. I am not.

Overall, I get where they were going with this (I think )… the vintage-urban-french feeling with the furniture and the reds and the greens (have you noticed there were reds and greens?) BUT there are major important things I’d change like the finishings around the doors and windows and also the high-ceiling issue…

The ceiling is very industrial with apparent pipes and the frames on the walls only go up to a certain level. This should have been better studied as it does not *NOT* go with their vintage french furniture…. at all. It bothers me quite a bit.

I would have lowered and covered these pipes with a fake ceiling as we can clearly see industrial is NOT what they were going for. Except maybe for this chandelier…

The floor plan shows what a great and organized layout and color scheme the apartment has, but once you see the pictures, it almost doesn’t translate the flow and the actual coherence of the furniture.

I’m sorry, is this at all boring to regular people? I can’t really tell since architecture is kind of my life (duh) ! I am enjoying this post so much, I am sure I will review it and add tons of things! You are welcome.

See ya next time!

– Shell


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