. How much do you remember?. As 90’s kids we were all overly cool. We had our land phones, our VCR copies of “Tulsa Tokio and the middle of Nowhere” and we had some very reliable sources of information like this one: HansonHotel was always a bit more serious, but I think everyone’s favorite was the HansonHouse. Gossip-girl had NOTHING on Hillary.   HansonHouse¬† would literally get information from all


Remember when we had only 12 colors to rock our HTML world? Back in those days, the official Hanson website was actually Hansonline. Here is the visual story of how Hansonline became Hanson.net. This is how it started: I thought Hanson were freaking geniuses for creating this amazing website themselves (‘cause creating music didn’t hint me enough). So, 14-year-old me decided to find out all about the complex world of