HansonHotline Messages - Year 2000

Hi, everybody! Thank you for reaching out to the Hanson Hotline. We are a Hanson fan site and an online file of the messages left by the band Hanson for their fans in their personal answering machine back in the late 90's / early 2000's.

JANUARY 16th 2000

Hey everybody, this is Isaac, it is Sunday, January 16th, 2000....that's kind of weird, January 2000, the first message of the new century, that's kind of weird. Ok, well, anyway, we are concluding the articles for MOE #7 right now, the lay out is being finished, and we are about to go to print, and it will be coming to you a couple of weeks after that. Also, we are getting ready to do a music video for the single off of the the new record. The new record will be coming out in early May. So, we're just whettin' your appetite, we'll give you more information about that very very soon. Thanks very much for callin' the Hanson Hotline; we'll talk to you later.

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