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DECEMBER 5th, 2001

Hey everybody, this is Taylor and you've reached the Hanson Hotline. Well happy holidays to everybody. Merry Christmas, early merry Christmas and a not early happy Hanukkah to everyone celebrating Hanukkah right now. We are still working away on this epic album. We've decided not only to make it a double album; we're going to make it a triple album. We have that much music now, enough for three albums worth. We're still working away and we're all very excited about the future. I'm excited because we are going to be doing a chat tomorrow night at 8pm eastern time, 5 on the other side of the country for anybody who couldn't calculate that themselves. So that's going to be good, you guys can ask some questions and maybe we can throw questions your way and we'll have a good time. Hope everyone is well, enjoying the Hanson.net for all of you Hanson netters out there, and we'll talk to you soon.

JANUARY 10th, 2001

Hey everybody, this is Taylor and you've reached the Hanson Hotline. Well, I hope you guys had a very crazy, safe, fun, all that good stuff happy new year. Very, very, very late happy 2001 to everybody. Everybody in MOE, hope you guys have gotten your MOE 10s by now, surely you have, but if you did order in November it's still on its way to you. So, you can look forward to all kinds of information and little clips about the different cities that we went to on the This Time Around Tour, which was great fun, very nice. Everybody in Hanson.net, hope you guys are enjoying the stuff we're putting up there, the Ask Hanson/Hanson Asks question, chats, message boards, video clips we put up, the holiday messages, and we're working on some other stuff, and we'll keep you updated as that's coming up. Hope you guys are enjoying that. Everybody that's wondering, we are in the beginnings of working, very beginnings of working on the music, so as we're working on that stuff, you can go to Hanson.net. You'll be able to see behind-the-scenes footage as we're working on the record, but that is coming and we'll tell you about it as it happens. Thanks for calling the Hanson Hotline, we'll talk to you soon.



Did you know that the formal Hanson Hotline number was actually Hanson's home number?
Unfortunately, Hanson Hotline has been discontinued. The number for it used to be:

+1 918-446-3979