HansonHotline Messages - Year 2003

Hi, everybody! Thank you for reaching out to the Hanson Hotline. We are a Hanson fan site and an online file of the messages left by the band Hanson for their fans in their personal answering machine back in the late 90's / early 2000's.

JULY 1st, 2003

Hey everybody, this is Isaac and you've reached the Hanson Hotline. Well, the first leg on the Acoustic 03 tour is about to be announced. We will be announcing those tour dates within the next few days. These tour dates will be consisting of mainly Northeast dates but the rest of the tour will be announced very soon. This is only the first leg of the tour. So, we look forward to seeing you guys out on the road and we hope you guys will join us for the Acoustic 03 tour. This acoustic tour will be mainly in intimate club settings. The reason of coarse being that we're playing acoustic music. What's the fun of playing in giant places when you can play it really intimate and cool. So we look forward to uh seeing you guys on the road and we hope you guys will join us on the Acoustic 03 tour. We'll be announcing these exact tour dates very very soon. So check out Hanson.net for more information and don't forget to call us back right here on the Hanson Hotline. See ya buh bye

JUNE 16, 2003

Hey everybody this is Isaac and you've reached the Hanson Hotline. Just wanted to let everybody know real fast, this coming Thursday June the 19th we are on the bill for the LIFEBeat benefit concert. We are on the bill with people like Phantom Planet and Bleu and also Matthew Sweet and the rest of The Thorns will be there as special guests. So there's a lot of cool stuff going on on Thursday. That'll be really really fun. But more importantly we've got a 20+ city acoustic tour that we are planning right now. The final dates are being booked as we speak and we will be announcing that very very soon so that we will coming to your town and playing the shows. So look for that and if you want information about either one of those things go to Hanson.net . There will be information about the tour very soon and there is information about the show... the LIFEBeat show... up already. So thanks for calling and we'll talk to you later.

APRIL 19, 2003

Hey everybody! This is Isaac and you've reached the Hanson Hotline. Well just a quick note for all of you MOE members out there we've got some really great MOEman comics coming in the next MOE. All the MOE stuff is done now. The articles are written and everything. The layout is being done and the MOEman comics which is more extensive than it's ever been uhh it's gonna be in there and that's quite cool. I hope you guys enjoy that. Also, for all of you Hanson.net members we are putting together the member kit as we speak and that of course has the 5 unreleased tracks --they will not be on the new record-- they were recorded within the last 2 years and they will be on that CD for fanclub members only. So I hope you guys are enjpying your day and we'll talk to you later.

MARCH 18, 2003

Hey everybody this is Isaac and you've reached the Hanson Hotline. Just wanted to let everybody know that Hanson.net has just recently be updated with some new photos from photos from the recent show that we did here in Tulsa at the end of February. We did a little exclusive concert for some people, including some Hanson.net fan club members. That was really fun to get the oppurtunity to share that with you guys and we really appreciate you being a part of the fan club. And also we look forward to future shows that will be coming later this year. We look forward to playing for you. That will be really really fun and we will let you know as soon as information on the tour is available. Also there are some other pictures from later on in 2002, little photo shoot that we did near the end of the recording of the album. Also we just finished mixing the new Hanson.net enhanced cd. That cd includes unreleased material, material that was recorded during the process of this album and music that will not be on the upcoming cd. So in a way its kind of a Hanson fan club record. It will be really really cool we hope you guys enjoy that. It also includes enhanced content which has behind the scenes footage, and all kinds of other great stuff. So, appreciate you guys calling in and we will talk to you later. Don't forget to check Hanson.net. Thanks. See ya

FEBRUARY 14, 2003

Hey everybody this is Isaac and you've reached the HANSON HOTLINE. Wow that was a little overly dramatic now wasn't it? Okay, well anyway we just wanted to keep you up to date on what's going on with the band. Currently, we are preparing for tour related things. Uh we've been going over music, getting ready to head out there and as we like... say conquer the world. Okay. Anyway, also in other things we are doing. The Hanson.net 2.0 transition obviously. Hanson.net 2.0 transition is coming soon. We are currently designing the site. We just took a look at some, some of the pre-emptive designs and it's moving along really really well. And we're looking to getting that to you very very soon. Also Moe articles are on their way. Zac just finished drawing the next edition of Moe Man, so the Moe Man comic will be in there. And if I must say so, I think it looks pretty cool. So I hope you guys will en joy all this. So this is coming to you soon. We'll let you know when Moe is going in the mail. We'll let you know when Hanson. net is going online and all that stuff. So thanks for calling the Hanson Hotline and we'll talk to you later.

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