Precious Hanson memories

1. How became

2. That 90's Hanson online community

1. How became to

Remember when we had only 12 colors to rock our HTML world? Back in those days, the official Hanson website was actually Hansonline. Here is the visual story of how Hansonline became

This is how it started:

I thought Hanson were freaking geniuses for creating this amazing website themselves (‘cause creating music didn’t hint me enough). So, 14-year-old me decided to find out all about the complex world of 12-coloured HTML and create a Hanson site, hosted at Geocities.

I can’t possibly be talking to myself right now. This is just TOO INTERESTING!

These first two versions had a lot of the HansonHouse vibe – colors and fonts – and I was pretty familiar with those codes. I actually thought I could do this…

So, they decided to use scripts and blow my mind again, in 1999:

And that’s when I realized I’d always be one step behind. But that didn’t stop me – she said, 20 years later and still trying.

To this day, I actually really like something that Hansonline did pretty well, which is stepping out of the usual layout model and just forcing us to click around, literally. I find these day’s blog-style layouts pretty dull compared to what they did back then.

After the blue layout, we were presented with the most amazing version of Hansonline I have ever witnessed:

Everyone was getting pretty big on Flash during those days but our internets were slow and it took forever to load… I think that’s why they changed it to something a bit more static.

In 2000, the idea of was created but Hansonline was still on. We’d see this pop-up whenever we accessed it.

And the home for the official merchadise was there. I don’t have a record of when it was created, unfortunately.

And then, in 2001 the idea started to grow…


2. Hanson's Online Community from Back in the day

But wait ! There's more... Remember

Gossip-girl had NOTHING on Hillary!


HansonHouse would literally get information from all over the world. They knew EVERYTHING. ALWAYS…

Told ya.

Unfortunately, it stopped being updated in 2003...

May I actually make a side note here (don’t I always?): I have had a hanson website since day 1 as well. Before I bought in 2001, I actually owed a different site.


I kid you not!

It was inspired by the lyrics of “Man from Milwaukee” and maybe I shouldn’t refresh your memories on that one.
So, we won’t be seeing screen captures of that one, kay?

The domain was mine along with my friend Lee Foster, from Vancouver, who I absolutely lost track of!

So, Lee, if you see this, I would love to catch up! =)

(Look… it’s my first-ever 2-frame animation! I was SO excited about this!)

So, back in the day I used to make layouts for Hanson fans. And, my-GOD were they terrible. But sweet Mariana from HITZ diary liked them!

Hello, Argentina!

Then, suddenly, I was LUCKY enough to come across this website:
And I would make a friend for life. After 20 years, Ali and I still haven't met, but we are both still involved in the Hanson world and she is very present and supportive. Plus, she is an angel and someone I admire deeply! So, I guess... thanks Hanson for this one! ;) Oh, and if you look closely, you can see my banner popping up there! I was super proud of this one too!

Meanwhile, creating a real masterpiece was a job for Monica.

We would also love to give a shout to Unfortunately, the webmaster has passed away a couple years ago. HansonHotel was a major influence to us Hansonfans and we appreciate Becka's hard work very much. RIP, sweetheart.