Hello, Hansonfans!

Congratulations, you have reached the HansonHotline! The HansonHotline is an online collection of messages left by the band Hanson to their fans on their answering machine back in the late 90's / early 2000's. Yep, you heard me correctly (or read me correctly I should say). Hanson invented social media using an answering machine in 1999. These kids have always been ahead of their time.

Being the 90's person that I am, expect this website to be filled with actual words and long stories for and from the fans... not just pictures and intuitive layouts. So, grab a coffee (specially if you are Taylor) and take your time to travel back in Hanson time with me. Enjoy the experience!


Hey everybody, this is Isaac, you have reached the Hanson Hotline. Well, we wanted to let everybody know that we're mixing right now, we're in the process and it is sounding really good and we are about half-way through the record-- half-way through the mixing process. Anyway, so, don't forget to check out www.hansonline.com for more information about what's goin' on in the studio. And also don't forget to check out live updates, because there's a link to a page for this new band called Larryland and they're really cool, we wanted you guys to check em out, see what ya think. There're some wav, wav files up there so you can listen to some of the music and give us your opinion on hanson.net, the internet message board. Let us know what you think. Anyway, thanks very much for callin' the Hanson Hotline. We'll talk to ya later. Buh-bye..



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