Why Hanson

I was gonna make a documentary, but Hanson beat me to it...

There are several different bands out there. Actors, singers… you know… famous people. But for some of reason, we’ve picked these guys.

I was lucky enough to meet Hanson after the Toronto Christmas concert in 2017.
And I was terribly disappointed.

I was not disappointed with their attitude, but I was disappointed at the situation…because when I looked at them I understood that those three man, who’d stare at me clueless and ask me if I had enjoyed the show, would never be able to understand how much they had turned my life around. Not in those 5 seconds that we had together.

I just had enough time enough to take a picture. There was no time to tell them about how I met my daughter’s godmother at a Hanson fan club back in 1998 and how we had a group of friends called “the hansonholics” and had been e-mailing each other for 20 years now, or how strong that connection was and how we’ve been through the hardest possible situations in life together. I depend on those girls.

I also never told them about how they had kept me interested in learning English and webdesign and things… they kept pushing me when I was tired and ready to quit.

Honest to God, they are the single reason I have a diploma in Architecture. As unrelated as that may sound.

In one way or another, Hanson have always been in the background of my life inspiring me to aim for things.

In those 5 seconds, I realized it had stopped being about the concerts and about the songs I enjoyed a long time ago. And also that they could never live up to the expectation of what they represent, because it was beyond them.

I guess this is a story about gratitude more than anything. And believe me, I had so, so, so much to say to them but it wouldn’t make much sense it would be just awfully random coming from a stranger. I didn’t want my story to be awful or random. It was too important to me and they were no strangers.

So, I took a picture and walked away.

But I still created this page because I knew that just like me, many other people would have a lot to say.

Don’t you?

Thanks for everything, Isaac, Taylor & Zac. I can honestly say you made me who I am today.

I will publish your stories here and who knows? Maybe one day the guys will actually read and them, and they might bring a smile to their faces. Or maybe they’ll cry. Or maybe they’ll get a restraining order order against some of us – but hopefully they won’t!

PS: If you’d like to have your names linked to any website or email, please let me know.

December 2017
Bluebox companinon SAID:

This sounds so silly but the reason I became such a big fan is because I read in a magazine that one of their first songs they sang together was For The Longest Time by Billy Joel. I’m a huge Billy fan as well so that sealed it.


illbeyourmemory SAID:

Because their unique, not only are they handsome, and have great voices, but they write, play and produce their own music, and care about their fans. Their music has helped me to keep positive during tough times.


DCHansonfan SAID:

I just love their music so much! They are one of only a handful of bands for me whose music reaches me on a deeper level. There are so many Hanson songs that make me feel strong emotions – happiness, nostalgia, etc. It’s hard to put into words but their music is very special to me and that’s never changed over the years. I also love how good they are to their fans, and they are amazing live. I have seen my top 3 favorite artists in concert (and many more) and no one can compare to Hanson. They put everything they have into their music and it’s amazing to be able to be on the receiving end as a fan.


Mamajive SAID:

The Music, the Voices, the Talent. That’s what drew me to Hanson in 97 and is still the reason I’m around today. Like many others have mentioned, I have made many friends through Hanson from around the world. Which I find amazing. But the connection I feel to Hanson’s music will always be the reason I’m a fan.

They may be famous but their still normal guys with all that talent. They don’t act like they are above us when they meet you.

I like that they knew what they wanted to do for a career very early in their life and are still making music for all the right reasons. I admire them for being family men that never had stories in the media about running around with questionable women.

To me it’s special that they treat their fans in such a genuine way. That mutual respect that comes from them to us for being a fan and from us to them for being our favorite band.


KKochelek6 SAID:

I started my Hanson journey because I loved the music and Zac was just a little over a year older than me…which I thought was so awesome! So I’ve really grown up with them like many others. As the youngest of four, I got made fun of pretty badly by my older siblings (and yelled at to stop playing my Middle of Nowhere cassette lol).

Following Hanson and enjoying their music was seriously the first decision I consciously made to continue to do something/like a particular thing etc despite what anybody else thought. And that’s a pretty empowering feeling that I will always associate with them. It made it especially meaningful for Taylor to address what we fans have had to put up with sometimes over the years during the MOE tour this year!

Years after my sister memorized the words to “MMMbop” against her will, she actually went to a concert with me and bought their Underneath record. And ever since, I have just tried to share their music with as many people as I can and support them however I can.

Their music definitely resonates with me. It has consoled and comforted me so many times over the years. The concerts over the years sit at such awesome milestones throughout my life and are such great memories.

My dad took me and my best friend to a show on the 2000 TTA tour and had to stand in the 3rd row with us lol. He was happy to see us so happy and enjoying ourselves and it meant so much to me. He died two and a half years ago–on Friday March 13, the day before Taylor’s birthday–and I listened to “With you in your dreams” over and over again. This past year after the SXSW show at The Bungalow, I had the opportunity to tell Taylor how much their music meant to me and about my dad. It was the first time I had met him (any of them) in 20 years. He was so kind. It was incredible. They are incredible.

Now I have a two year old daughter and another on the way. My daughter knows and dances to Hanson music, and the other kiddo will know it too. I can’t wait until she is old enough to go to a concert with me!

I haven’t been a fan club member for very long. It stemmed from my parents telling me they wouldn’t pay for it growing up and then took me a while to realize I could actually afford it on my own (like way too long)… But I will say that I have never met another Hanson fan that I haven’t gotten along with. All the shows over the years, everyone has just always been incredible. I’m happy to be part of the official community now and don’t intend on leaving. All of y’all are awesome!

Annnd that’s my story.



Oh boy, I could easily write a whole essay, haha. I will try not to be too long-winded, but there are so many reasons I love this band as deeply as I do. At least one part is nostalgia. I have so many fantastic memories associated with this band, their music, and my two best friends growing up (one of whom is now deceased). Another part is definitely the music itself. It’s undeniably moving for me. They have their own sound and many times it just makes me feel good. Music is a powerful language, and I love what they have to say. Another part is the guys themselves, and I don’t just mean that they’re good-looking (though I will openly admit I think they are). They are just genuine. They’re very real. They’re self-confident but they are also humble, approachable, and down-to-earth. They appreciate what they have and always strive to be better. They are people I can truly relate to and also admire. I know we, as fans, don’t know them in the way that a friend or relative really knows them, but they sure are good to their fans. I really do believe they are good human beings with kind hearts with their heads on straight. I think after 20 years, we can be confident in that much. And lastly, I will echo what others have said about the community that has formed around them. I have met some of the most wonderful people through this fandom. And, like in any large group of people, I’m sure there are some bad apples around, but I don’t dwell there and really haven’t had too many run-ins with the likes of them. It hasn’t been difficult for me to find many great people… I have long-term, true friendships from loving this band. And I think that is somewhat unique to Hanson. I imagine it has a lot to do with who they’ve chosen to surround themselves with and who they have in charge of their website, forums, etc. I can’t be certain of that, I guess, but it does seem to me that there is a kind, caring, level-headed, and business-savvy staff beyond just the three brothers.

And believe it or not, that was my short version. *crying laughing emoji*



I have always enjoyed their music. They have a song for pretty much every emotion you can have and sometimes if I am feeling a certain emotion I listen to music that makes me feel that way. It sounds crazy probably to other people but I feel things so much more than the adverage person so I try to keep all my emotions locked inside so I don’t embarrass myself so I find time when I’m alone and I let all those emotions that bottled up inside and let them out. Sometimes it’s tears sometimes laugher and sometimes it’s anger but it gives me a “safe zone” to let it all out.

I also admire their drive to stick to their belief’s. For example they refused to change their music for the record labels and they stayed true to themselves no matter what that it wasn’t the popular thing to do. I want to always be true to myself. Sometimes in life it gets hard to stick to your guns so they remind me that I am not the only one who refuses to ” pretend” to be someone I’m not just because it’s the ” in ” thing to do or be.

I have mixed emotions when it comes to other Hanson fans. I have met a few truly awesome people from this fandom but I also have met quite a few people I wish I never knew. I notice that one thing most Hanson fans do is they are very passionate about this band. That can be a great thing but it also can be a bad thing if they don’t understand that it’s ok that other people don’t feel the same way about this band. I am not fond of the fans that feel a sense of ownership of the band because 1) they have been a fan for longer or 2) they have been to way more concerts than others 3) they have spent more money on the band than others. We all are fans it shouldn’t be a contest.


Well, I’m an older Hanson fan. During the late 80’s early 90’s is when I was raising two sons. As a matter of fact, my boys and Hanson are within a few years of each other. I didn’t really connect with them until Anthem was released! Instantly though, I knew. They were what I was missing from my own childhood. Real honest-to-God great music. I now have all of their albums, including albums. I listen to them every day, along with stuff from the Bee Gees, Simon and Garfunkel, Carly Simon, etc. They are true musicians, not fame whores.


Why Hanson? Don’t get me wrong! None of the fellas are hard on the eyes at all… and they all seem like really lovely down to earth people. All of which is just wonderful. But, Their music speaks to my soul. That’s why I think Hanson is the best.


Why Hanson? There are so many answers for this. The simple answer is that their music resonates with me. Their music has given me hope, articulated thoughts and feelings in ways I’ve not been able to myself, given me strength, helped me not feel so alone. It’s what connected to me in the first place and it’s one of the reasons I’m still here and will always hold my place within the fandom.

But there’s so much more– the way we’ve essentially grown up together. I always tell my friends who aren’t fans to imagine their childhood or neighborhood best friends. Whether or not you’ve remained friends throughout the years, you have this unshakable bond. You’ve been through things together, they knew you when you were young and awkward and still finding your way. Of course, I know we don’t really know the guys and they don’t know us but I think we all know and understand what I’m trying to say here. It’s the way that they’ve remained a source of inspiration as individuals, how they never created a negative reputation for themselves, how they have kind, giving hearts. It’s how they treat their fans and constantly give to us, in many ways. It’s the friendship and bond created within the fandom. It’s the feeling of home that you feel at a Hanson concert, surrounded by hundreds of people who love and appreciate the music the same way you do. It’s making instant friends in line before a show, swapping stories and nostalgic memories. It’s hugs and happy tears at the airport when the gang all reunites in Tulsa every May. It’s inside jokes. It’s..more than anyone could explain. It’s beyond words.


I was listening a lot to Roxette, but they became over-produced. Hanson was the only thing that seemed genuine. (Dec 2017)


To be honest its you guys. Oh I enjoy the music don’t get me wrong, but I simply enjoy being around, talking to…etc the other fans. I’ve met so many great friends because of Hanson. (Dec 2017)


I love Hanson because, yes they make great music, but they are also so warm and caring people! As I have been opening my eyes more and more the past few years, I have seen more and more people around getting more ignorant and less caring about others. When I realized how the world is changing, and I started looking for people to have around me who are warm, caring and selfless, because I don’t want to become one of those people who I started to fear.

It was around that time in my life I started my teen years, and MmmBop plays on MTV, and I was sold!

After a while, I started to learn more and more about Hanson, and saw that these guys, they were the good people, the selfless kind who really cares!

I have been listening to their music for 20 years now, and they keep on delivering good music, they keep on doing good things to others, and that’s why I’m a fan!

And as mentioned above, the fans. Oh the wonderful people I have met online, and in real life! So many fun, loving and caring people! (Dec 2017)


Hanson has had my heart (musically speaking) for over 20 years. Their music has been such a big part of my life and has seen me through deaths, darkness, falling in love, heartbreaks, struggles, accomplishments, their music has been there for me to see it through. I didn’t get to my first show until Underneath Acoustic, but to see the fans, the way they interact with them, made me love them more. I’ve made a few friends at Hanson shows I’ve been to since, and we’ve kept in touch over the years. I wish I could tell them in person “thank you” for just existing and continuing to make music. The adventures have been amazing, and I am excited to see what 2018 brings! (Dec 2017)


They write my favorite songs. It’s that simple. 🙂


Ditto what Kelly said. When they’re at their best, no one can touch them as far as songwriters. And the sound of Taylor’s voice has a lot to do with it for me.

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